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How the guide is structured



2 pages for each pizzeria with info on the venue,
their history, the pizzas
and our pick of the Unmissable

18 Awards

The best Red pizza? The most delicious pizza with potatoes in Rome?
The best social media communication?
The unmissable creative pizza within Roman tradition?

Rome’s Map

The guide is divided in 5 ‘slices’ of the city:

Historic Centre and Trastevere,
North Rome, East Rome,
South Rome, West Rome


Foreword by Alessandro Pipero

“At the end of the day, pizza is female, and you know I love women.”

Alessandro Pipero









Pizza on the Road

An online magazine created at the same time (July 2016) as the publishing by Giunti of the book “La buona pizza”, written by journalists Tania Mauri, Luciana Squadrilli e Alessandra Farinelli. The Authors intended to keep the momentum going and give continuity to the whole editorial project. The site is today one of the key reference point for pizzaiolos and sector workers and the Authors are recognised as experts on the pizza world.


Tavole Romane is the independent source of reference for gastronomy lovers entirely dedicated to Rome, with the aim of valuing and sharing the knowledge on quality eateries. It was started by a Roman couple – Gabriele and Silvia – who are today supported by a small group of trusted local foodies. Active since 2010, present on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, from 2011 they also organise Food Events and Food Tours for corporates, tourists and residents of Rome.


The guide is free thanks to the support of a small selection of Partners in excellence who have contributed to the project.
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Is the guide entirely free?

Yes, Teglie Romane 2018 edition is a digital guide which is completely free. To obtain it, all that is needed is a personal email address in order to receive the instructions on how to download it.

How did you choose the pizzerias?

The selection of pizzerias included in Teglie Romane has been put together following the Authors’ guidance. This was the result of the work of a team of experts and passionate people who live in Rome and frequently explore the city in order to find good, valid places to recommend.

Is it possible to suggest a pizzeria?

Of course! Please contact us, specifying the name of the place, address, special pizzas and why you’re recommending it, including any connection to the business itself. We’ll include in the list of places to try, as soon as we’re able to go.

How many pizzerias are in the guide, and will the number ever change?

The 2018 edition includes 46 entries of pizzerias by the slice, in almost all of Rome’s boroughs (tagging one in Fiumicino too). The Authors intend to keep the selection up to date and lively: any news or change will be communicated in the bespoke section of this website (link in Italian) and on the Teglie Romane Facebook page.

Can I trust you in leaving my email address?

Yes, we will respect and handle your email address according to the clearly laid out terms accepted and agreed upon by yourself to download the Guide, which you can always access and view on the Privacy Policy link.

Are you a Corporate and are you wondering if you could become a Partner?

You’d be welcome! Send your submission via the form available on this website. New Partners are welcome, as long as they are not involved with, or own, a pizzeria. We welcome new Partners because they provide the opportunity to share the guide further and their support is important for new, spin off projects which the Authors are planning already.

Will you add addresses for those who suffer from food allergies or intolerances?

One of the first updates we’re working on is to include venues that offer gluten free pizza. And we’ll keep adding more content to cover more intolerances. We’ll be sharing news with regards to these updates on this website and on the Teglie Romane Facebook page.

Will the guide be available in other languages?

In addition to the guide in Italian, the English version is now available too.

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