An invite to visit friends’, a romantic dinner, a birthday present. The question is always the same: what shall I bring? (COSAPORTO in Italian).

Don’t settle for the usual bottle of wine, last minute bunch of flowers or the cake at your corner shop. Cosaporto lets you pick the cream of the crop from the best shops in Rome, among patisseries, flower shops, artisan stores and gourmet ice cream parlours and have them delivered, for the same price as in the shop, to your home or your friends’, choosing the time of delivery and a personalised message. Deliveries are possible within two hours across the city.

There are plenty of choices for those who have specific requirements or for corporate: they also offer corporate gifts service, catering and a coffee break service. It is also possible to host gift lists online: you pick a product, and everyone pays a portion directly on the website.

Cosaporto is operating in Rome, Milan and Turin, meeting the customers’ needs and with an immediate response thanks to the customer service, which takes on the role of a true luxury concierge.

Cosaporto’s mission is to save people time for the things they love, without having to give up Elegance and Quality.

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