La Città della Pizza

La Città della Pizza, 12-13-14 April 2019. The largest event solely dedicated to pizza, the iconic food from Italy. Three days with the best Italian pizzaiolos, over one hundred different pizzas, pairings, ingredients, lunches and dinners with well-known chefs, seminars, meetings, demos for kids and adults. An annual event created and organised by Vinòforum, it brings together under one roof the many, delicious facets of Italian pizza.

La Città della Pizza Award · Best Creative Pizza with Farmers’ Produce · Teglie Romane

The Creative Pizza because it is like us, a pizza which respects tradition yet always looks to the future, a pizza which keeps evolving and changing with the times, a pizza seasoned with a pinch of madness, which can make small things big. That’s why we picked this category, because one is born creative.

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