Olio Flaminio

Irene Guidobaldi, commercial director of Società Agricola Trevi, started up Flaminio, a venture aimed at supplying delis and restaurants both in Italy and abroad with quality extra virgin olive oil. As well as many varieties of good quality extra virgin olive oil, it includes vinegars, pasta, pulses and selected pickled. Società̀ Agricola Trevi has a strong tradition behind; founded in 1985 by the father Angelo Guidobaldi, it has its roots in the great grandfather’s production, followed in the ’60s by the foundation of the first olive oil growers’ coop thanks to the grandfather. Angelo is still in charge of the olive groves today and Irene, with her brother Ernesto (olive oil taster), support him in operating the company.


Olio Flaminio Award · Best White Pizza · Teglie Romane

White pizza is the simplest yet the hardest, because if you don’t know how to make it you’ve got a problem. The extra virgin olive oil is a fundamental component, as it is for example for bruschetta. And, after all, it is my favourite!
Irene Guidobaldi, Commercial Director Olio Flaminio

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